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When did I become a Personal Assistant to an 8 month old???

So in my former life I was a personal assistant to some pretty fancy, rich, private jet  flying, multiple home owning FABULOUS people… I traveled, I partied, threw fancy parties, organized travel, packed luggage, organized meals, organized schedules, dealt with dressing my boss for events, prepping the family and staff… EVERYTHING!!! WAIT what I do now:

  • Organize travel
  • Shopping
  • Schedule organization
  • Event organization
  • Run from one meeting (CLASS) for the boys… TO ANOTHER
  • Dress
  • Pack
  • Feed
  • AND A BILLION OTHER THINGS (laundry, diapers, boo boos)

Did my husband hire a Personal Assistant for his kids??? LOL, In all fairness I chose this and wouldn’t change it BUT WTF!!! I am on the wagon for some crazy diet and seeing so clear… These kids have a PA and chauffeur in one, Is that what motherhood equates too? (minus the big bonus) I guess I will have to settle for kisses as a bonus!

Anyhow… Back to work as this is not a union job & there are no breaks!

Ciao for now!

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