The things dip shits ask me…

1 Apr 2016

Well if you’ve read my profile you’ll know my situation is quite rare, I have 2 sons… 11 weeks apart. One adopted the other invetro, I’ll start this by saying “They are both mine”…

I normally just say they are twins, so much easier but here & again I get the moron that lost the filter part that should happen as adults… The filter between your brain & mouth that reasons out situations to not say things & look like a total DIPSHIT.

I guess I’m writing to remind folks, you never know someone’s situation… You never know their story or back story & with so many blended families these days just stop and think. Don’t say a kid looks or resembles a parent they LOOK NOTHING LIKE just to hear yourself speak or make polite conversation, it’s actually rude,  not polite as you know if another human resembles you & if one doesn’t!!! Don’t ask “which one is yours” when CLEARLY they are both my children, or if I love one more given the circumstances, OBVIOUSLY every mother lives their children differently as each child has different needs but to say you love one more than another is just fucking stupid…

I guess my fear lies for my boys. For the UN-evolved folks out there that will explain adoption, invetro, surrogate, donated egg, borrowed sperm, step parents, 2 moms, 2 dads whatever the case In a way that portrays my boy as less than loved, wanted & sheer joy. Some kids will hear their moron parents saying something that might not be the nicest & perhaps repeat this to my boy.

I just want to leave the world with think before you speak! It’s not the world we grew up in where unconventional was kept hush & almost outcast… I’m not saying go around spreading hippy love either… Just be kind, it’s ok to have an opinion… It’s ok to understand how somethings possible & it’s certainly ok to ask questions… Just try & phrase things in a way that puts your kind foot first!


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