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The difference between a vacationer & a traveler… YOU!!!

So I chat with a lot of peeps as I roam this planet & you hear a lot about their travels… I want to note to some folks it’s great that you go to a resort 2x a year & don’t explore the local fare…

BUT YOUR HARDLY A TRAVELER!!! You’re an average sheep vacationer. That’s great if it works for you but PLEASE just accept it is what it is… The concept of global citizenship & not needing belongings rather experiences isn’t your priority. You prefer comfort to culture, You fear the unknown as if it’s “not safe”.

Here…. Let me help you… Spell it out…

Are you a vacationer or a traveler?

  • You can travel carrying everything you need for the journey (be it 1 week or 2 months)
  • You have no interest in a “resort”
  • You prefer boutique hotels
  • You eat from food stands, local palapas, trucks, street vendors
  • You truly believe the best plan is no plan (or with children a very loose plan)
  • When visiting you check out all things local. Art, Food, Music, Adventure, Terrain
  • You loath vacation destinations & prefer off the grid locations
  • You don’t spend your journey checking in & updating status because YOUR TOO FUCKING BUSY LOVING LIFE AS A TRAVELER
  • You have at one point stayed at some “shady” accommodations & taken some not so kosher transportations
  • You have eaten something that DEFINITLY made you sick!!! (But thin so it wasn’t so bad)

Listen… It’s not for everyone, seeing the planet as one and not a series of resorts with other resort people in their “vacation clothes” is not for everyone… But perhaps we would have a more evolved view of like if we just allowed ourselves to be a part of something bigger & step out of our comfort zone. So stop being a narrow-minded asshole… AND GET OUT THERE!!!

I fucking love a good adventure!!!

Just sharing some thoughts… Happy Trails!


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