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18 Dec 2016

So as many know I live on the east side of a small island known as Manhattan… In this section of the island things work a bit differently from the rest of the world. By 2 parents have applied to put their crayon eating toddlers in a school with a bill anywhere from 10-30k a year. They bring these babies that are still in diapers on these interviews to find them a proper preschool. Some say which preschool one chooses or gets accepted to may determine which elementary school & so forth & so on they will attend for their whole school career. I say ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I mean we’re all successful enough to be living in this city and did any of us go to any of these schools? I’m sure a select few but the majority… NO.

I’m a very live and let live kind of gal, you spend your money where you please BUT don’t judge me for having perspective and not. I mean my children are 2, They would eat dog poop if I didn’t stop them. They are curious, chatty, sweet, smiley, goofy, mischevious little boys and I love that about them. Maybe it’s me but I can’t in my right mind give anyone 60k for a 2 year old to play. Maybe it’s the European background or being the daughter of immigrants but what about going out and playing? Or spending time with your grandparents? 

This year and every since they have been born we opted out of conventional preschool and adopted a concept of the world being their preschool. This year we are in Mexico. They go 9 hours a week to get some separation from me but over all they do these crazy things like play, meet people, swim, play in the mud… When thinking of the best use for $60,000 USD being formal preschool or taking the boys on the road… we opted for the road!

Watching these boys adapt to a different culture & language has been incredible. They are super flexible children and I equate that to the travel. Granted many don’t have the luxury to just GO GO GO but if you can make it at all happen. DO IT!!! It’s not easy at all, it’s the very hard path astound kids aren’t always on a schedule and you do have to put the man hours in… but is anything good ever easy? For our squad… we’ll do the work…

For all of the moms struggling with the preschool noise… TURN THAT SHIT DOWN! There is so much you can do at home or with local resources that you shouldn’t feel any pressure. I’m glad I didn’t. Even if we didn’t travel my boys would be spending their days dirty on a playground somewhere until it was absolutely necessary to send them to school. We have our whole lives to sit in chairs and conform to what society expects… does it have to start at 2???

Just my thoughts…

Back to my adventure!!!

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