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So… Here’s the thing, we’re not in competition, neither of our kids are perfect… Your not nor am I mother of the year… We’re all really just trying to get through the day & fuck up our kids as little as possible!!! So I ask, WHY? Why the bitchy face when my kid hits yours? Why the dirty look when my boy throws a tantrum? Yea your kids a saint… NEVER EVER WILL IT BE YOUR CHILD DOING THAT!!! Do you think I’m not as uncomfortable if not more watching this?

Get a grip!!!

They are toddlers, toddlers act on instinct. Their brains aren’t even fully developed where reasoning is an option, I mean of course your genius over their playing calmly can reason ALL THE TIME, but mine… Can’t. He’s just a run of the mill, standard… TODDLER!

Just saying. We’re all in this together, we’re all exhausted, frustrated, lonely…
We all forget things some days & need a truck or snack when our kid sees yours & breaks down. We can all use a smile when we pass strolling on the street or a quick chat on the playground… WHY IS THIS SO HARD FOR YOU LADIES TO GET???

I’m not looking to steal your husband, or take your job, I’m just looking for a friend. I admit I am guilty as well of judging on the one day here & again I remember EVERYTHING & am ready for Armageddon… But I try even on that day to SHARE, SMILE, BE FRIENDLY…

This is not a sorority hazing, this is WAR! It’s us against them!!! LOL… I was born to be my boys mom, I love hanging w them… They are super cool little dudes! But… There are days that feel like a hostile take over & believe me… It’s those days I could use a friend! At our jobs or career pre momming we had colleagues, we all didn’t get along & we all didn’t go to happy hour after work but we complied with HR & kept it civil & professional… WTF, have you forgotten how to behave??? Do we need mom HR to file complaints with??? Some of us definitely need to be “written up”.

Ok rant over!!! I’ll explain what got me here. On a recent trip to Amsterdam with my kids we spent some time on many playgrounds, I was traveling so I had no toys, minimal snacks & little to no supplies. I learned why people always say American & European style parenting are so different!!! Kids had messy hair, no shoes or shirts, played in dirt. My child used random toys around & walked away with them and when I went to take and return I was told NUMEROUS TIMES “it’s ok” or “he can play”, it was such a relief. It made my already high stress levels of dealing with 2 kids much more manageable… Parents sat around & chatted while keeping an eye on the kids but the kids played, they played freely without helicopters… They fought & figured it out!!! No one hovered or got involved. Kids fell!!! They stayed dirty!!! It was truly inspiring.

I just wish my fellow moms at home could stop being such competitive mean girls & enjoy motherhood! Understand kids fight, they don’t love sharing, they fall & they do not stay clean! Understand I’m lonely also & would love to be invited for a coffee or included in a chat. In a world where I am most of the time the only mom among nannies if you are another Lone Ranger out there in the trenches… Say hi! Who knows, we MAY actually have a laugh together & make the day just a touch easier for the other…

Thanks to all of the moms btw who have helped, stopped and said hi, included us… Shared your toys or blanket… Long distance hi five!!!!!

People are dying & being blown up all over the place, smile bitch… Life’s not that hard!!! Your alive… Your healthy, you have a family… Remember that shit… It’s HUGE!

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