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How about the Human Race you moron!!!

Hello Diary,

I needed to share this because it’s fucking crazy… So some of us have become addicted to Odd Mom Out & I am one of you!!! It seems to be the life I have been thrown into! With that I belong to a mom FB group & people have been nanny shaming as in taking pics of nannies not doing their jobs or watching the kids, with that I want to say you privileged bitches you are lucky enough to have nannies!!!! Get a grip on REALITY!!!

So with that I posted:

I thought quite fitting with my last post!!!! And I got a few supportive responses… (Thanks ladies with a brain, life, conscious & clue) and one this:

I’ve decided to add her comment because this idiot is worried about germs while bringing her kid to the park in NYC, where homeless people use the grass as toilets & tourists bring all sorts of good germs from far off lands (I wish I were in)… So basically she’ll bring her kid to the park but where her kid can catch an STD on the swings… LOL… But won’t share a blanket with my child…

She proceeds to say I’m not looking out for my fellow mamma… YOUR AN ASSHOLE!!!

What happened to the human race? How can we grow as humans if no one is looking out for one another??? I’m by far not saying be Mother Theresa but be human!

Today maybe try & take a second out of your day to do anything for anyone… IS THAT SO FUCKING HARD PEOPLE???
Ahhhhhhhhhh I feel better, now back to my beach vacation with my privileged children!!!



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