26 Mar 2018

We have all been told many things before we have kids… BUT between birth and toddlerhood THINGS CHANGE DRAMATICALLY!!! We have all heard the sleep while you can & they grow up so fast before they are born. They forgot to mention that by age 3 you would have[…]

31 Jul 2017

Hi guys. It’s me… your over bearing, over protective, not always perfect, EXHAUSTED Mommy… The days have gotten rougher and you both have brought challenges I was not equipped for. Please know I did the best I could with the energy I had. I gently separated you with[…]

18 Dec 2016

So as many know I live on the east side of a small island known as Manhattan… In this section of the island things work a bit differently from the rest of the world. By 2 parents have applied to put their crayon eating toddlers in a school[…]

So… Here’s the thing, we’re not in competition, neither of our kids are perfect… Your not nor am I mother of the year… We’re all really just trying to get through the day & fuck up our kids as little as possible!!! So I ask, WHY? Why the[…]

1 Apr 2016

Well if you’ve read my profile you’ll know my situation is quite rare, I have 2 sons… 11 weeks apart. One adopted the other invetro, I’ll start this by saying “They are both mine”… I normally just say they are twins, so much easier but here & again[…]

Day 3… Driving from New York City to Miami!!! Like the birds our family goes South for the winter… Pit stopping in Orlando! So far no deaths or divorces so I’d say it’s a pretty successful journey… Stops in Rando hotels & to see our besties… This post[…]

Dear Diary, As I sit in the back area where the ballrooms are of The Bellagio Hotel in sunny Las Vegas sipping a triple espresso & my boys nap I think…. I AM SO FUCKING TIRED I HAVE HIT CRAZY!!! So much has happened since I last checked[…]

Dear Diary, I’ve decided this has to be a diary where I record the crazy shit I live through on a day-to-day… SO I am a mom on the UES of Manhattan… Yes we live in Midtown BUT all of the activities are Upper East Side, SO… I[…]

So in my former life I was a personal assistant to some pretty fancy, rich, private jet  flying, multiple home owning FABULOUS people… I traveled, I partied, threw fancy parties, organized travel, packed luggage, organized meals, organized schedules, dealt with dressing my boss for events, prepping the family[…]

So as everyone knows my boys are 11 weeks apart… Simon was 5 1/2 months and Max 3!!! We decided everyone had their shots so it was time to take our show on the road, We packed ONE… YES ONE bag, our Kinderwagon and off we went. MUCH[…]