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"But the kids will never remember it"

4 Sep 2016

As I raise my boys I realize every asshole out there has an opinion… Most are unwarranted or plain old unrealistic but one thing is constant the people who offer it… People that do not nor will never understand the reasons we leave no man behind! We travel as a SQUAD!

We travel extensively. I try to keep us on the road, air, sea… whatever the mode we stay on the go 6-7 months a year… Weekends, weeks, months. Resorts, adventures, whatever the mode or location… WE ARE THERE!!! People are constantly asking why we bring the kids and always saying “They will never remember it”… Well you simpletons… I will! I will admit traveling with two toddlers isn’t the easiest route, schlepping, changing time zones, cranky babies & mom but I will say the memories I have will stay with me forever.

As an older mom I spent the better half of 35 years doing as I pleased, where I pleased & with who I pleased. I’ve seen the world from yachts to tents and had a fucking raging good time!!! Now… I enjoy hanging out with my spiders! They bring a certain je me sais quoi to my travel. I explore playgrounds, indoor play spaces,  Toddler pools & kid friendly fare… I LIKE MY KIDS & I like hanging with them!!! I don’t think this is for everyone I mean some of you got married early or just lived a boring shit life… Sucks but whatever. I’m not judging… Just having an opinion! LOL

Stop in Watch Hill for a quick stair work out!!!

There is ALWAYS a playground around for a run out!!!

Point is I like making memories with my family… My kids nap anywhere, eat exotic foods, make friends easily… They are super adaptable & I Credit much of this to travel. If you have the opportunity to do it…  DO IT!!! “The days are long but the years are short” it is what you make of it. I will look back on these times & trips with warmth in my heart and have memories that will stay with me long after they go on to live their own lives. THATS WHY. So to the mom that’s too tired & needs a break or The mom that just isn’t into the schlepping… Try it… One day you may look back and regret you didn’t. Life is short and we only have one chance to get it right!!!

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And never be afraid to do the work! It pays off… You get out what you put in!!!

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