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Dear Diary, I’ve decided this has to be a diary where I record the crazy shit I live through on a day-to-day… SO I am a mom on the UES of Manhattan… Yes we live in Midtown BUT all of the activities are Upper East Side, SO… I[…]

So in my former life I was a personal assistant to some pretty fancy, rich, private jet  flying, multiple home owning FABULOUS people… I traveled, I partied, threw fancy parties, organized travel, packed luggage, organized meals, organized schedules, dealt with dressing my boss for events, prepping the family[…]

So as everyone knows my boys are 11 weeks apart… Simon was 5 1/2 months and Max 3!!! We decided everyone had their shots so it was time to take our show on the road, We packed ONE… YES ONE bag, our Kinderwagon and off we went. MUCH[…]

Its been one year since my last post… forgive me blog for I have sinned. OMG! I have been quite silent and this must all change. Welcome 2015! And as a tribute to my new family all I can say is “MORE PEEN IN 15”!!! Twisted because I[…]